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NEW: Robert Pattinson on the cover of Premiere Magazine (France) – New Photoshoot and Interview

Robert Pattinson on the cover of Premiere Magazine – Cannes Special: Available to Preorder HERE





Part 1:
It’s 1:30pm in the halls of the Solo House, a private club on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, Members only … If the hostess let us in the elevator with a smile, it’s because we prononce the magic words :’ We have a meeting with Robert Pattinson at 2pm.’. Surprise, the actor arrives too 30 minutes in advance … with a heay beard. he didnt let it grow to throw off the paparazzis but to prepare himself for a next role in a movie about a rock back, The Band. But the project that reunites us today is Cosmopolis, the adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novel for david Cronenberg. Electric shock movie set to be at Cannes this year.The Canadian director surprised everyone by giving out the role of Eric Packer to the Twilight star. This 28 years old yuppie from New York that decides to travel through the city in his limo so he can get a haircut, while demonstrations makes chaos prevail in the streets and threats are hanging over the millionaire’s head.
A ride to hell that will change him forever, the ‘him’ could apply to Pattinson as well, who delivers a shocking performance with a perfect timing. Mid-November, when the last Twilight movie will be out, the teen hearthrob can definitely let the grown up actor, revealed by Cosmopolis, take his place. The transformation starts now!
P: Rob, last time we talked, you were coming out of the Cosmopolis shooting and you told me: ‘I didn’t understand what we were doing and when I asked David, what it was about, he told me: ‘I don’t know, we don’t care’. But after seeing the movie, I found it extremely clear.
RP: For the first screening, I was alone and I came out of it puzzled. At that time, the music didn’t register in my brain yet. I then saw the movie again with other people and they were really responsive. They couldn’t stop laughing and I thought: “Oh, well it works afer all (laughs)” I can’t wait to see how the audience will react to it. It’s the first time I can watch something I made as ‘a movie’ maybe because Cosmopolis belongs entirely to David Cronenberg. It’s really his movie.
P: It’s yours too, let’s be real …
RP: It’s still pure Cronenberg, there’s no doubt about it. Most directors try to take you by the hand and tell you: ‘I’m gonna help you go where you need to go’. David films a scene and then go: ‘Ok, that’s good, let’s move on!’ But he’s really sensible to the actors’ performances, he’s not going to give you a lot of instructions but he has an uncanny accuracy. Nothing escapes him, you just need to lose your focus for a second and he notices right away. It’s almost unsettling to work with someone like this. At the wrap party, I asked him if he saw some edited scenes and he told me he saw the whole movie! He already edited it. Since I was so curious, I asked him, ‘So, do you know what it is about?’ ‘Not at all, but it’s good, it’s funny.’ He then quoted Fellini to me, asserting that a movie is dead when it doesn’t raise questions anymore.
On the set, David was delighted by the confusion that ruled, including among te more experienced actor, like Paul Giamatti.
P: The director is supposed to have a head start …
RP: And he’s supposed to fear nothing as well. I never worked with a screenwriter who was this confident in his abilities. If he was stuck on a way to film a scene, he did something else. He knew the script by heart so he could afford it. It’s kid of unnerving at first, but since I’m in every scene I memorised the whole scrit, like a play.
P: It’s healthy for an actor to be fearful, isn’t it?
RP: On the first day of shooting, I wasn’t showing off. While we were getting ready for the first shot, Sarah Gadon (who plays his wife) asked me: ‘So how did you prepare for your role?’ I broke down and left the limo really pissed off and yelled: “How dare you judge me like that? Are you trying to test me or something?” *laughs*
P: Cronenberg told us that you were stressing out about filming the movie …
RP: I’m going throuh a phase were I’m trying to determine what I can accomplish or not as an actor. It’s even more complexe when you know you have a past, even tho people like David don’t pay any attention to it.
P: I recommend David to see the last Twilight movie, that is almost ‘Cronenbergian’ at some times …
RP: *laughs* I can’t believe there’s still one more to come (Breaking Dawn Pt 2 is out November 14th) and I have some reshoots to do in a few days.
P: You thought Twilight was behind you?
RP: Yes, I’m not the same as I was at the beginning. First, I’m older … When I have to go on the makeup chair, I see all those wrinkles that came with time, it’s scary. I thickened/filled out too. Since I didn’t have any clothes when we shot the first movie, I stole some from the movie when we done and I can fit any them anymore!
P: when you first went to Cannes in 200, you triggered off a riot on the beach where 700 fans were waiting for you. The security had to carry you out to your car to get you out of there …
P: This year they won’t even notice me: ‘We don’t care, he’s not in The Hunger Games!’ *laughs*
P: It is looks like you have a date with one of your Twilight costar on la croisette, since Kristen Stewart will be there for On The Road too. The Festival almost looks like graduation day …
RP: I’m thrilled to go. Filming Cosmopolis with Cronenberg changed something in me. It gave me balls. *laughs* I have 5 projects lining up right now that follow the path the movie opened for me. Before, I spent my time doubting myself. As soon as I read a script that I liked, I was working myself up, asking myself if I was good enough. Now, I tell myself: ‘Fuck it! If they want to hire you, go!”
[Brief translations below by: somelostbliss.]
He arrived to the interview with a heavy beard. But it’s not for paps, it’s for a new movie about a group of rock “the band”
He watched the first cut alone when there was no music and he was a little perplexed. But he watch the final cut with other ppl
And there weren’t laughing at all. They were really into it.
Cosmopolis is really Cronenberg’s movie. “It’s HIS movie”
Most directors hold your hand and they tell “I’ll help you go there and there…” but David goes “OK! We’re done! next!”
He did the interview a few days before the reshoots for BD
“Shooting Cosmopolis with Cronenberg changed something in me. Now I have more balls”
“The first day of shooting, I wasn’t the most confident. While we were getting ready for the first scene, Sarah Gadon asked me “So. How did you prepare for the role?” I lost it & left the limo feeling really angry and I screamed: “Why are you judging me like that? Are you testing me or something?” (Laughing)
Rob told David he was scared of ruining his movie. “I’m in a phase where I’m trying to determine what I can to do as an actor”
Talking about reshoots I: Did you think Twilight was behind you? Rob: Yes. I’m not the same person I was at the beginning of the saga
“I’m older, When I think about the make up, I’m seeing those wrinkles on my face. It’s really freaking me out”
“I got fatter as well. As I didn’t have any clothes when I started the first movie.I stole some from the production when the movie was done”
“Now I can’t get in those clothes anymore.”
[Talking about Cannes 2009 & how fans were freaking out outside his restaurant] This year, they won’t even even bat an eyelash. They’ll say “I don’t give a fuck. He’s not in The Hunger Games!” (laughing)
Interviewer: It seems like the Twilight cast has a date at Cannes considering Kristen Stewart is going for OTR. The festival will look like a graduation ceremony.
“Rob: I’m really excited to go. Shooting Cosmopolis w/ Cronenberg changed something in me. It gave me balls (laughing)
“I have 5 projects lined up right now. Before, I used to doubt all the time. I was beginning to get annoyed with myself. When i was reading a script that I liked, I was annoying myself. I was asking myself if I could do it & if I had the talent. Now I only tell myself: ‘Fuck it! If they’re ready to hire you, go for it!”
Interviewer: You haven’t shot a thing since Cosmopolis. Were you waiting for more offers because of the movie?
Rob: In a way.. yes. I have to say that shooting BD took me a good part of the year. It lasted till the end of the year & there’s not a lot of movies shot in the winter. I started freaking out three months ago but it’s RIGHT at that moment that all these projects came. if everything goes as it should. I should start shooting this fall.”
Interviewer saying it feels like Rob’s views changed as an actor since the last time he interviews him two year years ago. Now he knows what he wants to do.
“Rob: I’ve always wanted to make good films. But before, I was more the type of guy who would get drunk & say “If people don’t like me, they can go fuck themselves!” (laughing) Nowadays it’s different.  I want the people that I respect to respect me too. It seems normal, when you say it like that, but you sometimes need time before you understand that gaining the respect of others is what’s the most important”
“Whining about it won’t help. When David asked me to be in Cosmopolis, I asked him tons of Qs. I wanted to know which movies he had seen me in. What he thought about me. But he wasn’t able to tell me anything.”
A few more quotes thanks to @NLive4ever
I: Cosmopolis teaser was like a bomb on the internet.
R: I’m an actor since 8 yrs and everybody criticize me. After 30 seconds teaser they all say : It’s great! He’s a really good actor! That’s ridiculous! Critics are weird.
I: Most of the critics never saw you play. And you were pretty good in the Twilight saga.
R: Sometimes maybe. I tried. I’d like ask something to critics: What did I do in Twilight? I had decisions to make as an actor. What does it mean when they write “is Cosmopolis prove Robert Pattison can act?”
Before Burton and Fincher, Brad Pitt and J. Depp was just good looking actors too. It seems the same with you and Cosmopolis…
R: The good news is the industry for actors is changing, even if i think Brad Pitt deserves better. He never made a bad performance. Nowadays, no one dares to make drama for adults because the public does not supposed to see. Brad Pitt does.
Yet this is what makes a lasting career. We still see this kind of film in independent cinema but these films with stars have almost disappeared. This is probably due to the fact that the stars have lost their mystery.
How do you play such roles when everyone knows everything about your life?
Aboutt being famous:They want to protect the illusion at any cost & destroy in order to accumulate things about your privacy.
I: You seem to prefer independent films rather than blockbusters…
R: It’s almost more dangerous to try blockbusters. Recently I read a script of a film to 80million$ that I liked. It was the first time a studio sent me a script I liked so much. And I said “finally the blockbuster I expected”.At the audition,I was told I was too influenced by Twil and that it would not work. I was disappointed. I read the script once again and it was not so good. (laughs)
About movies just for money
R: Yes, but it never worked. Of course, i made the 5 twilight movies but i didn’t do it for the money. Even if it would be unfair to allow the money to someone else. (laughs) But the more you earn, the more problems you have.

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