Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Robert Pattinsons Red Carpet Interview at the ‘On The Road’ Premiere

Laurent: How are you tonight?
Rob: I’m good, I’m very excited about the movie.
Laurent: Do you think it’s important for you to be here, to support Kristen?
Rob: If there’s a problem? No there’s no problem.
Laurent: No, not a problem. Was it important for you to see the movie and to support her?
Rob: Yeah, I’ve seen the movie before, it’s a good movie and I’m looking forward to see it again, to see everyone. Hopefully they appreciate it.
Laurent: Friday it will be your turn with David Cronenberg movie. Was it like a rehearsal for you tonight?
Rob: Not yet, I wanted to practice walking up the steps. Practice tonight
  thanks to thinking of rob 

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