Wednesday, 18 January 2012

"Just My Luck" by J.D. Thompson

As I mentioned before, a true friend of mine, just made her first attempt into the world or narrative. Her first book is out, but as an unknown writer she is, she needs some help from her friends. So I'm asking you, who are always open to any kind of new suggestions you might like, below you'll find the links you need to get all the information you need just in case you're interested enough for reading it/ordering etc. 

Thank you in regards for your support! ^__^

Georgia, xx. 

Official Facebook Page: HERE

Order it online by Amazon: HERE

If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it. ~Toni Morrison ♥


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Here's a taste of * * * Chapter 9 * * *

    When we arrived at the house we headed for the kitchen. Irish reached for his phone, dialing his parents’ number. I put the whipped cream in the refrigerator and snooped around looking for something to eat. Irish walked into the living room and I heard him talking quietly. Besides some bottled water, six yogurts, a loaf of bread, and a small tub of margarine, it was clear that Irish didn’t eat here often. I closed the refrigerator door and turned around to see him staring at me.

    He motioned with one finger to come to him. He had a devilish grin on his face and I smiled impishly. "There’s something I’ve wanted to do to you for days now," he said in his sexiest voice. I stood frozen, but I could feel myself blushing. I took a step toward him, moving closer. His eyebrow went up and he said, "I can’t possibly do what I want to do to you from there."

    "So what exactly is it that you want to do to me, Irish?"

    He crossed his arms now, still smiling deliciously. I felt my heart beat a little faster and took another step closer. He stood looking me up and down, slowly unfolding his arms and dropping them to his sides. When I finally reached him he gently pulled my face toward his. Irish’s lips crushed against mine and his tongue danced across my lower lip, seeking entrance. Our kisses were different than before, as if we were each a puzzle piece and somehow fit together perfectly. He wasn’t kissing to please me he was kissing me with raw passion. I felt dizzy for a moment and still holding my face, he broke our kiss and smiled one of the happiest I’d ever seen.

    "I’ve wanted to do that for days," he sighed.

    Smiling at his handsome features, I said, "Is that all you wanted to do?"

    He chuckled, planting a trail of soft kisses from my chin to my ear and back again. "No, that was just the appetizer, Jurnee," His smile fading he held my chin with both of his hands and gently kissed my lips. "I have a five-course meal planned for you, girl and that’s not even counting dessert."

  3. This work is stolen from Suzie55. JD Thompson is not the author and the fandom knows it. It would be pertinent for the "Author" to remove her book before amazon and other sites do it for her. That's the least they could do.

  4. this book sounds remarkably like the one i read a year or so ago, on ff, by suzie 55. a friend purchased it without knowing, thought it was good and loaned it to me to read. as soon as i started reading it i knew sometehing was wrong. only "real" differences are the names and one or two other small details. i'm contacting amazon. they should be told.

  5. Nice friends you have there Georgia...stealing other peoples work! Tell your friend to be ashamed of herself! She wants to be an author? Then she should come up with her own ideas!!!

  6. Apparently your "true" friend has neglected to tell you that she is a thief. This is shameful as she has stolen this from another ffn writer and is now receiving profits from her deceit. YOU should not be aiding her crime. You need to remove this post from your blog immediately.

  7. That 'author' JD is a theif! Shame on you for supporting them!

  8. wow I hate seeing others hard work stolen from them. This story was a fanfiction by suzie55.
    This kind of thing is why the fandom is not what it used to be

  9. Shame on you!! don't you find awful that you're profiting thanks to someone else's work!

  10. Well your good friend is a disgusting plagiarist trying to make money from someone else's work. Thankfully the real author was informed, as were the fandom. All of which will make sure this book is permanently removed from sale.

  11. this is plagiarized. your friend is a liar and a fraud.

  12. I'm afraid your friend is fooling you. The real story is Welcome to Paradise By Suzie55. Read for yourself. Also, funny since this hit, she's taken down her blogs, FB page, etc..