Monday, 23 January 2012

Rachel Zoe (Stylist) talks Robert Pattinson and Twillight in an interview with Team-Twilight

Rachel Zoe talks about Rob and Twilight in an exclusive interview with Team-Twilight
You’ve also been outspoken about your crush on Robert Pattinson. Have you gotten to meet him yet?
No, I have not met Rob. But, I have many mutual friends and have heard nothing but the loveliest things about him. I think he’s a very talented actor and would love to meet him in the future.
If you could style any of the Twilight cast, who would you pick and why?
Bella and Edward — I would love to dress them as a couple because I think that’s always fun.
If you had to pick: Twilight books or movies?
Movies, because I’m an extremely visual person. I actually read the books after the movies, which was fun because I could see Kristen and Robert as Bella and Edward.
Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Team Edward, obvi.
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