Monday, 13 February 2012

Christina Ricci Talks About Robert Pattinson to The Sunday Times

Christina Ricci is profiled in the Style section of London’s The Sunday Times today, in which she briefly mentions Rob:
“Based on the 1885 French novel by Guy de Maupassant, it stars the Twilight pin-up Robert Pattinson as Georges Duroy, an ambitious, amoral former soldier and social climber who ruthlessly seduces every woman who wanders into his life. Ricci plays Clotilde de Marelle, who becomes his mistress, while his other creamy conquests include Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Holliday Grainger.
She stopped short of offering her co-star, the much-hyped R-Patz, any tips about the tricky transition to adult movies. “Oh, he doesn’t need any help from me,” she raises her eyebrows. “He is doing just fine.”

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